The Healing Power of ECM?

ECM (Created by Dr Ellen Cutler, D.C.) is a natural health care protocol based on bio-energetic medicine, meridian therapy (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and enzyme therapy that is used to prevent and resolve chronic health conditions. Its intent is to aid the body in healing itself.

ECM is comprised of three branches of healing:
1. Proper digestion, nutrition and proper diet
2. Organ specific detoxification
3. A revolutionary non-invasive mostly permanent sensitivity/intolerance desensitization technique (a correction so to speak).

Electromagnetic energy (chi or qi) flows in the body along invisible pathways called meridians. Meridians run near the surface of the body and pass into our internal organs. The amount of energy that runs through these meridians can be measured. The way I do this is with a device that measures the electrical properties of acupuncture points along the meridians by sending a small electrical current through them (with an EAV machine). These measurements indicate whether the meridians are balanced, stressed, or blocked.


Try Ellen Cutler Method (ECM) Treatment

​ Here are some specific health issues that Enzyme Therapy can help with:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder/Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Mild Cardiovascular problems
  • Childhood illnesses or recurring infections
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance
  • Skin and Hair problems
  • Hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue
  • Autoimmune Problems and Side Effects of Cancer therapy and MUCH MUCH more!

How Enzymes play a role?

You've probably heard of enzymes; protein molecules that naturally occur in the human body and in plants, and you likely already know they are important for your digestion. But did you know just how crucial enzymes are to every cell in your body—not just for digestion but also for ALL of your physiological processes? Enzymes not only drive biological processes necessary for your body to circulate nutrients and eliminate unwanted chemicals and waste (detox), but they also perform a myriad of other biochemical processes that occur without you even realizing it. Here are some examples of these processes:

• Fighting infections and healing wounds
• Reducing inflammation in the body
• Uptake of nutrients into your cells
• Carrying away toxic wastes, facilitating drainage and detoxification
• Breaking down fats in your blood hence regulating cholesterol & triglyceride levels
• Dissolving blood clots, aiding in circulation
• Proper hormone regulation that is essential for all bodily functions
• slowing the aging process

Sensitivity/Intolerance Desensitization (Food, Chemical and Environmental).

Desensitization is an acupressure technique, which utilizes allergen frequencies and energetics to fully clear and/or reprograms the individual via the nervous and meridian system to any allergen or sensitivity. ECM balances meridians that have been blocked by allergens, which have produced a myriad of health symptoms that can become chronic. This natural non-invasive revolutionary desensitization can clear most sensitivity almost permanently.

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