Spa is open and we are following the public health guidelines

Stay Safe, Fearless and Hopeful

Welcome back to your safer-than-ever Haven of Healing and Beauty. We will be offering limited services until further notice. Please email us to find out more. As we welcome you back to our spa, we’ve also ramped up our safety protocols and sanitation procedures. We want to ensure that Healing and Beauty continues.

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Fall 2020 Specials

The change in season and reduced sunlight can cause a drop in serotonin and melatonin levels; both play a role in sleep pattern and mood. As a result, you need to have a better plan to take care of your mental, physical health and skin during fall and winter.
Ziba’s Spa is a place you need to visit to stay healthy physically and mentally. Do not miss our fall specials

Fall is the time to Shed your dead skin layers with one of our facials for a younger and healthier skin

Hydro-microdermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, antiaging facial, anti acne facial, hydrating facial……
After consultation will decide which one would be the best for your skin

$65 (Reg $80-$150)

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80 min Sound therapy and Salt therapy or
80 min Sound therapy and detox back massage

Relaxing and detoxing package. Help you with seasonal allergies and cold.

$80 (Reg $105)

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%35 off 45 min Reiki in the Salt Cave

Assists the body in self detoxing, removing energy blockage, releasing stress and tension, deep relaxation and supporting the immune system

$65 (Reg $100)

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Laser Hair Removal 2 small areas

Show off your smooth skin after SharpLight's professional laser hair removal/reduction treatments.

only $95+tax (Reg $120-$180)

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Relaxation is no longer beyond your budget. Walk in and float out.

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Shed your dead skin layers with one of our facials for a younger and healthier skin

Why do you need to book a facial appointment regularly?

Nowadays, with rising pollution and stressful lifestyle which we lead, our bodies are always under stress. The signs of stress and air pollution are visible on your skin. Skin problems can be very common. One of the very few solutions which you have to deal with these problems is to opt for facials. Instead of thinking about it as just a beauty treatment, it is essential to look at the benefits of facials.

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We offer a free consultation to find the best and the most effective treatment (s) for your beauty and wellness

    1. Stress reduction
    2. Cleanse your skin
    3. Improve blood circulation
    4. Skin rejuvenation
    5. Skin detoxification
    6. Reduce acne
    7. Blackhead and whitehead removal
    8. Skin exfoliation
    9. Tighten your skin
    10. Reduce eye bags and dark circles
    11. Provide you with even skin tone




Relaxation is no longer beyond your budget. Walk in and float out.

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