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Where every treatment is a unique and personalized journey. We customize and tailor each experience to meet your individual needs, ensuring that the entire process is as rejuvenating and enriching as the end result. Your well-being is our priority, and we are dedicated to providing an atmosphere of tranquility and care from start to finish.

Why should you visit Ziba’s Spa? From the moment you enter this haven of healing and beauty, we focus on both your external and internal needs, creating a holistic face, body and mind experience. Our goal is for you to walk in and float out, with a relaxed mind and glowing skin.  Discover the difference of customized spa treatments crafted just for you.

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Ziba’s Spa Uxbridge,

Unwind in the elegance of Ziba’s spa where every treatment is crafted to enhance your beauty and well-being.

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About Ziba’s Spa

Uxbridge Ziba’s Spa Facilities

A century home and a Zen place with open arms, ready to take care of you with numerous beauty and healing treatments. Detox, De-stress, relax and fall asleep to cleanse your body, mind from daily stress

My journey from an Analytical Chemistry Scientist to a passionate Spa and Wellness Centre Owner has rewarded me beyond my wildest dreams

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Discover our tranquil reception, luxurious treatment rooms, and calming salt cave, and detox room with infrared and steam saunas. We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable spa experience in person. Thank you for joining us!

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36 Ash St, Uxbridge, ON ​L9P 1E5
  Tel: 905-852-2845

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Ziba's Spa
36 Ash St, Uxbridge,
ON, ​L9P 1E5

Tel: 905-852-2845