Our History

My journey from an Analytical Chemistry Scientist to a passionate Spa and Wellness Centre Owner has rewarded me beyond my wildest dreams.
Born in a small village in the north of Iran as the sixth child among eight siblings, I grew up with dreams and ideas that often felt boundless. From a young age, I longed to reach the untraceable, driven by an imagination that knew no limits. In 1995, I immigrated to Canada, bringing with me a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a determination to build a new life. Finding a job as a new immigrant was challenging, so I continued my education and earned a PhD in analytical chemistry from the University of Waterloo. My journey then took me to Virginia, USA, where I worked as a scientist. Yet, despite professional success, I felt a deep, unfulfilled yearning in my soul. The universe had other plans for me, leading me into the world of healing and beauty. Though I don’t fully understand how I transitioned into this field, it was here that I found my true calling. I learned the basic techniques of healing and beauty, but my intuition guided me to personalize and refine these methods for each individual client. In my spa, I have created a safe and relaxing sanctuary where clients can decompress and take a break from the stresses of daily life.
My approach is deeply personal, intuitive, and tailored to meet the unique needs of everyone who walks through my doors. Despite the trials and disappointments that life inevitably brings, I have never been happier. I embrace whatever the universe throws my way, flowing with life rather than against it. My soul is still on a journey, and I am excited to see where it will lead me in the near and distant future.



Dr. Ziba Parsi, PhD

To become a knowledgeable service provider, I have dedicated myself to extensive studies in beauty and wellness. I have received certifications as a medical esthetician, reflexologist, Reiki healer, quantum energy healer, cupping therapist, and certified life coach, to name a few. Since these certifications and diplomas are not purely based on science, I combine my beauty treatments with healing and wellness practices to achieve wonderful and sensational results for my clients.
There are many spas that offer similar treatments. What sets mine apart from the others you may ask? It's all about the passion and heart that goes into every treatment that I provide and the warm, welcoming, and pristinely clean environment of my spa.

Looking forward to meeting you if the universe and your intuition lead you to my spa, helping you become the best version of yourself.

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Ziba's Spa
36 Ash St, Uxbridge,
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Tel: 905-852-2845