Vibroacoustic or Sound Therapy was the most amazing relaxing out-of-body experience!

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August 5, 2016

A True Story by Kim Lendvay

I have no idea what actually happened to the bed, etc. but …  it felt to me like the bed was vibrating creating wavy motions with the sound of the music. It made me feel like I was floating in the ocean, being gently tossed about with the waves. It was very soothing.

Eventually I floated deeper and deeper to the depths of the ocean, gently being pushed about by the deep sea currents. Dolphins and hump-backed whales swam by me singing their songs. Their serenade was so peaceful as I floated in the deep blue sea. And this went on for what seemed like forever.

About 3/4 way through the session I sensed a light beautiful fragrance, it teased my nostrils. I couldn’t control myself and had to breathe deeper & deeper & deeper to inhale every droplet of that incredible scent. Ziba told me afterwards that the scent was ylang ylang and that the scent had been in the room the entire time, even when I first entered the room! Interesting how my olfactory nerve ‘woke-up’ part way through my session when I was so calm & not present.

Here’s how REAL my experience was – (this part was unpleasant and lasted for several minutes) – during the session at one point I began to feel nauseous, had a really sore stomach low down in my abdomen like I had to go to the bathroom. I almost got up to go but wanted to stay in the warm cozy environment that I was in. After a few minutes the stomach discomfort subsided.

Here’s what’s weird, after the session as I walked about the spa for my next treatment, I had ‘sea legs’. You know how after you’ve been on a boat or cruise ship for a while when you get back on land you still feel like you’re on the boat? Well that’s exactly how I felt, and, as I felt my sea legs it occurred to me that the stomach pain I had felt earlier was actually sea sickness because I was being tossed about so much in the deep ‘ocean’.

Ziba said that no one has ever before expressed having had such an experience! She said that most people get very emotional from the sound therapy & even cry, and that my ocean-experience was a first. WOW! I really want to go back and try it again and see what happens next time!




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