Back Facial: For clients who are having problem with their back skin. Includes cleaning, exfoliation

What is a back facial?

A Back facial includes the same techniques you would find in a standard facial, but it is done on your back. A Back facial includes deep cleansing and exfoliation, purifying masks, and extractions for clogged pores. Back facial is also very popular for treating back acne but are also good for treating other skin conditions such as oily skin.

What should I expect during a back facial appointment?

For a back facial, you’ll lie face down on a table as an esthetician uses cleansing products, exfoliation techniques, and extractions if needed. Back facial extractions usually start with a steam treatment to loosen the pores, before an esthetician uses special products and tools to extract oils and debris from clogged pores. A normal back facial includes a relaxing mini massage that helps deeply moisturize the skin with special creams or oils, preventing oily skin or dryness later.

What are the benefits of a back facial?

Back facial is most popular for treating back acne and are great for doing just that. But back facial can also help with inflammation, itchiness, dryness, and oily skin – or just help you look better without a shirt on.

What should I do after a back facial?

Depending on your skin type, you may have some redness and irritation after extractions, and your esthetician may recommend moisturizers and other products to help keep skin balanced between sessions. To treat back acne, it may take multiple sessions plus at-home care in between visits.


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